16 lemons

Castor sugar

Simple sryup ingredients 

3 cups castor sugar

3 cups water


Make the simple syrup with equal parts sugar and water - mix together and dissolve sugar over a very low heat . Leave to cool.


Half lemons and dip in sugar, grill over low embers - You don’t want it too hot .. you just want to be caramelising the surface of the lemon and sugar. (It smells AMAZING) Juice them and set  aside.


You should have around 500ml of the lemon juice. If have more or less don’t worry - just match your simple syrup measurement to your lemon juice.


So I mixed 500ml of lemon juice with 500ml of simple syrup. That leaves you with 1 litre of the “MOTHER LEMON JUICE”. This can then be watered down to your own liking .


We go for 250ml of MOTHER LEMON JUICE with 750ml water … this part is kind of up to you - This is a happy middle.


Serve over crushed ice with a few mint leaves for the ultimate refresher.

Also you’ll probably notice you will have simple syrup leftover .. save that for other cocktails later down the line. Keep in the fridge in an air tight container for 3-4 weeks.

The lemonade will easily last 5-7 days in the fridge - or bottle it up and freeze it. Not that it will last that long.