Recipe by @hemmingbbq



Pork belly 

Good Ol’ rub

American Mustard 

BBQ Sauce  

250g unslated butter 

Brown sugar 


Tin foil 

Prep time:

15 -20 minutes 

Cook time:

3-4 hours 


BBQ equipment / charcoal used 

Weber smokey mountain 

Foil tray 

Big k (ACH15)

Big k woodies 

Sweet chestnut wood chunks


Set up bbq 

Fill your basket with charcoal, get your chimney starter going with a BigK woodie and add 3 chunks of Sweet Chesnut into the unlit charcoal around the edges of the smoker. Once the chimney is lit dump this into the middle of your unlit coals.



Prep your pork belly by removing the skin, leave a few mm of fat and cut into 2” square cubes


Rub your thin layer of mustard binder on.


Place the pork belly into a bowl and cover with the Good Ol’ rub. You want a nice even covering over all sides.


Once your smoker is up to stable temps and around the 130c mark, add the pork belly and smoke for roughly 2 hours.


Once the bark is set and a nice colour remove the cubes and place into foil tray.


Cube the butter and place into the tray with the pork , sprinkle some brown sugar, drizzle with honey and then cover with tin foil and back into the smoker for an hour ish until they are probing soft


Remove from the BBQ and drain the liquid into a jug / mix some of your favourite BBQ sauce into the liquid and give it a mix and chuck back into the tray with the pork.


Finish this off on the smoker without the foil cover for around 30 mins just to glaze the ends and get some crispy bits.


Take off bbq, leave to rest as long as your will power will let you then enjoy your hard work.