First ever blog

First ever blog

Well here it is my first ever blog- hopefully first of many.  As if social media wasn’t enough to keep up with these days - I have now decided a blog is a great thing to do alongside two jobs and other life bits and bobs! Fingers crossed I can keep up with it.  

I will try and keep this blog as related to BBQ and the Norfolk Smoke Pit behind the scenes as possible, but I have been known to go off topic every now and again, so who knows what we might end up with down the line here. 

In all seriousness , expect updates on what we ( I / Poppy / Norfolk Smoke pit is up to) Ingredient highlights, new flavour updates, recipes, product reviews, how to guides and sometimes probably just some general BBQ waffle.  

Of course this weekend is the Queens Platinum jubilee and I am sure many of you have got some epic cooks lined up. I have just been to a butchers in Cambridge (Mill Road Butchers) and picked up some stunning steaks. I guess I could write another blog on that later in the week. They are worthy of a whole post on their own.

I suppose I can “officially” call myself a blogger now.  

If you made it this far - Thankyou .. until the next time.