Riverside Traeger Day

Riverside Traeger Day

All the food I cooked for Traeger Day at Riverside.

Shout out to the best online butchers who supplied some of the meat. The Ex Dairy Ribeye and Sirloin steaks from @MeatMatters & Char Sui sausages from @JLButchers. Check those guys out for your meat orders! 


Ribeye / Sirloin Steaks


Ribeye / Sirloin Meat Matters 

Brew & Brisket seasoning 



Season the steaks (not too heavy) with the Brew & Brisket seasoning leave them on the side while you heat up the Traeger to 130c.

Put the steaks in and bring them up to around 50-53c internal temperature. 

Let it rest while you heat up the induction hob with a cast iron pan or use the Ranger flat plate - if using the ranger crack it up to 220c. Throw a big knob of butter on the hot plate and sear both sides of the steak. Slice and serve. You should have a medium rare steak. Adjust internal steak temperatures to your requirements if medium - rare isn’t your thing. 

Serve with the Chimichurri or if your feeling really fancy the Thomas Straker Bone Marrow butter which I made and used on the hot plate to sear.




Big Ol’ Handful of Parsley 

4 Garlic Cloves

1 Tbs Dried Oregano 

1 small red chilli (one with little/medium heat) you don’t want it to blow your head off it’s more for flavour.

2 tbs Red wine vinegar 

4 tbs Olive Oil 


Chop the parsley, garlic and chilli nice and fine, the smaller the better. Add the oregano and then the liquid last. Add more or less olive oil / red wine vinegar to your taste. 



Chicken Thigh Tacos


Chicken Thighs 

Cactus Kitchen Seasoning 

Tubby Toms Adobo Loco sauce 

Corn Tortillas 


Cover the thighs all over with the Adobo sauce and then hit both sides with the Cactus Kitchen seasoning - ideally leave this overnight for maxi flavour. 

Get the Traeger heated up to 170c and cook the thighs until they are reading internal temperatures of 75 degrees. At a guess this will take about 45 minutes but go by the temperature of the meat - if you don’t have a Thermapen .. get one! They are the best. 

Warm the tacos for 10 seconds on each side on the induction hob on the Traeger or the Ranger flat plate. 

Chop the meat and serve with all the little fancy sides below. 


Pico De Gallo 



White Onion


Lime juice / zest 

Black Pepper 


Remove the seeds from the tomatoes and dice as finely as you can, cut equal amounts of white onion in the same size cut to match the tomatoes. Mix in the chopped coriander and finish with lime and black pepper.



Lime Crema 


400g Creme Fraiche 

1Tbspn Cactus Kitchen seasoning 

1 Lime juiced and some zest 


Simple one … mix ingredients together .. add more of less of each ingredient to your own taste! 



Salsa Verde with Avocado 


Salsa Verde





Again ..don’t be scared to use more or less to your own tastes - this recipe is just a guideline. Everything goes into the blender until smooth.. so simple but so good!